but what would a ninja astronaut be like???

I love ice cream. possibly as much as I love dogs… thatsq impossible. dogs are on a whole other level. I may never love anything as much as dogs.

the centipedle is my favorite steven universe character. the centipedle is me.

steven universe is such a sad show for me. it makes me incredibly sad sometimes. but I love it so much. it’s so tender and loving.

professor sycamore is the most dimwitted pokemone professor ever. but dang he’s a good lookn guy.

why is sonic so cute??? it really bothers me…..he’s a hedgehog. but….so cute.

wreck it ralph and frozen are very similar movies. there’s a girl with a special ability that is treated isntead as a “disability” is forced into isolation and treated unfairly by society who then tries to conquer those insecurities (this applies to ralph and penelope) and fails then triumphs over their own insecurities and “disabilities” and take their place as queen. the main difference is that frozen was shit and wreck it ralph was an amazing movie with loving character who’s purpose didn’t serve only as a replacement love interest.

how the hell do I own a john green book??????????????????????

what do you do with year books???? I mean I never wanted these but the school gave them to me??? I don’t think it’d be practical to burn them.